Why myKIDZworld?

Why myKIDZworld?

We are excited to introduce you to our unique social media App for young children.  Learn how our App differs from other social media Apps, putting you in control, giving you confidence that your child can connect with friends in a safe closed network.

The social media challenge

Social media has negative associations for many parents and carers of young children.  It is responsible for many negative experiences and is considered a risk to young people.  Even though this is the case, it is on the rise with more young people owning mobile phones and social media profiles at an early age. Unavoidably, children will still create social media accounts under the age of thirteen despite these platforms declaring age limits of use. Ticking a box to say you are old enough does not enforce age restrictions.

‘Prevention is not the cure’

Just as we prepare our children for life in the real world, we should also guide them for life in the online world.  Preventing your child from using social media is not necessarily the best way of teaching your child how to use it responsibly and respectfully as they reach their teenage years. A better approach could be a slow introduction to social media in a controlled and safe way. This gives you the best chance of avoiding online risks and building resilience in situations where unavoidable negative exposure exists.

How can myKIDZworld help?

myKIDZworld is an organisation that accepts the challenges associated with social media and has developed a unique approach to introducing young children to the online world.  Our social media platform puts you in control of your child’s profile and creates a closed network for your child to explore.

  • You build their network of friends by sending and accepting friend requests.
  • The closed network you build means no online strangers.
  • This network has no ‘fake news’, inappropriate content or marketing.
  • You mediate posts and content by hiding and deleting content you are not happy with.
  • You moderate their time in the App by specifying how long and when they can use it.

How does myKIDZworld differ from other social media platforms?

Unlike most other social media platforms, myKIDZworld is designed for use under the age of thirteen.  Here is a quick summary of the key differences between our platform and other social media platforms your child may be using.


Minimum age









Parents own account

Closed Network

Parents control friendships

Parents can delete/hide posts

Parents control time using the App

No risk of online strangers

Reduced risk of inappropriate content

Children not exposed to marketing

What can my child do in the App?

Your child can do a number of things in the App with you controlling and mediating their activity.  You can read more here to explain what your child can do and your ‘mirror view’ of their account, with additional parental features.  Below is a quick look at what is available to your child.


‘My News’ is their timeline of all posts from their friends, updates from groups they are members of and Badge posts when they receive them.


‘My Friends’ is where your child can send direct messages to their friends.  They can also send their friends badges to send positive messages, and request playdates.


‘My Badges’ are designed as collectibles to create an element of fun within the App.  The idea is for your children and friends to send and receive positive messages.


‘My Groups’ are designed to bring children together with common interests.  This can be friends that meet regularly, a class at school or clubs that your child attends.


‘My Plans’ is a simple calendar for your child to organise their time.  You accept invites to group events and you send or accept playdate requests from other adults.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! We have developed a series of guides for you to become familiar with the set-up and control of your family’s account.  Please use these articles to find out more and build confidence in the platform. Start reading here. If you have any questions, please send them to our team who will get back to you as soon as they can.