Our Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules

In this article, we introduce why myKIDZworld was founded and provide an overview of how our ‘Golden Rules for Digital Safety’ and Mobile App can help you and your family learn to build safer experiences online.

Why myKIDZworld?

As a parent, allowing your child online for the first time can be an uncomfortable thought.  This is a gradual process of building confidence in them as young maturing adults, and hoping that their education at school will slowly prepare them for the many risks that can be encountered online.  The amount of media focus on this topic at present suggests that more needs to be done to protect and safeguard our children online. The creation of myKIDZworld was to address this challenge head on and help support you and your family with their first experiences using social media.  Our aim is to develop a community of people who want to ease their children onto social media experiences in a gradual and controlled way. We have developed ‘Golden Rules for Online Safety’ and embedded them into a Mobile Social Media App.  This gives a guided learning experience in a safe closed network with you directly in control.

A Safer Online Experience

Our closed network, or should I say your closed network, is the network you build for you child. You invite friends and approve friendships by interacting directly with other parents. No external communications can happen between your child and online strangers as a result. There is no advertising, no group marketing and certainly no unwanted communication from outside this network.  This ensures you are in control of mediating safe content and messages shared directly between your child and their friends.

Developing Digital Resilience

Whilst we cannot protect your family from everything they may experience online, we can help you educate them and teach them how to develop resilience before they become independent online. The idea behind the app is to simulate social media networks and allow you to monitor and mediate how they use these tools at an earlier age, so you can develop them into responsible, resilient and respectful young people when communicating online.

Promoting Positive Online Experiences

Our app is an opportunity to guide your child into learning positive respectful communication. As mediator of your child’s account, you can review, discuss and monitor exchanges between friends.  This can be done in cooperation with your family and other parents of your child’s friends, to create a common message to your child’s peer group.

How are the ‘Golden Rules’ used in the App?

Our ‘Golden Rules for Online Safety’ are designed to guide you in developing your own family rules for online safeguarding. These should become your family guidelines with age appropriate messaging for your child. The myKIDZworld App provides the tools to manage and implement the strategies you develop. Let’s take a look at how our App helps control the use of our Golden Rules and how you can tailor it for the needs of your family.



“Create a common understanding of online activity and agree boundaries”

You have a parental view of your child’s account that allows you to see everything they post and receive from their friends.  This creates an opportunity to for you to discuss real and relevant examples of how they are using the App and how this aligns to the boundaries and rules you have agreed. It should be used for positive review striking the balance between your child’s privacy and safe monitoring.



“Your child’s friends online should be the same as friends in the real world”

All friends in your child’s account will be requested or approved by you. This is controlled between you and other parents so there is no opportunity for strangers and anonymous friends to be linked to your child’s account.   Your child should not be in contact with anyone you have not met in person.



“Promote positive communication styles and discuss harmful messages”

Respectful communication is essential learning for online interactions.  You can review and hide messages sent by your child, or received from their friends. Hidden messages can be discussed between parents or used to support discussions between parent and child.



“Monitoring your child online will reduce exposure to inappropriate content”

There is no external content available to your child.  Only ‘friend-to-friend’ message exchange is visible to them. We have an automated review process to hide posts that contain words in our ‘Forbidden Word’ list so if messages contain bad words, they will be available for you to review and will not be sent to other children.



“Do not share personal information or your whereabouts with anyone online”

Your child does not need an email address, and their identity is not available publicly on the internet. When they no longer need myKIDZworld and you delete their account, any digital footprint created by myKIDZworld is deleted.  We hope this provides assurance that early learning experiences online will not come back to bite them in adulthood.



“Limit time online to sensible amounts so it does not impact your child’s behavior”

Too much screen time for your child will eventually make them tired, frustrated and sometimes angry.  It is important to control time online to sensible amounts.  In your child settings, you can control when your child can use the App and for how long. For example, you can set App use to 30 minutes per day between the hours of 5pm and 7pm.

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What can your child do in the myKIDZworld App?

In this article, you will learn what your child can do in the App to make their first experiences of social media fun. Learn how they can message each other, send badges, join groups, and build organisational skills through my plans and my tasks.