Getting started with myKIDZworld

Getting started with myKIDZworld

Welcome to our ‘Getting Started Guide’ for creating your account and setting your family up in the myKIDZworld App. We have written a series of articles that guide you through simple steps to get started.

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Introducing myKIDZworld

In this article, we introduce why myKIDZworld was founded and provide an overview of how our ‘Golden Rules for Digital Safety’ and Mobile App can help you and your family learn to build safer experiences online.

What can your child do in the myKIDZworld App?

In this article, you will learn what your child can do in the App to make their first experiences of social media fun. Learn how they can message each other, send badges, join groups, and build organisational skills through my plans and my tasks.

Setting up your myKIDZworld Account

In this article, we discuss the simple steps of setting up your family on the App.  We explain how you can create your account, add you children and set-up other adults to help support and mediate your child’s social network.

Building your child’s network

In this article, we introduce you to our ‘closed network’ and talk you through setting up your child’s network of friends.  Learn how to connect to ‘Real Friends’  by sending and receiving friend requests in your parental view of our App.

Supporting your child in the App

In this article, we learn how to monitor your child’s account.  We explain how your child’s settings can be used to support learning strategies for your child, allowing you to introduce your child to social media, in a safe and controlled manner.