What can your child do in the myKIDZworld App?

In this article, you will learn what your child can do in the App to make their first experiences of social media fun. Learn how they can message each other, send badges, join groups, and build organisational skills through My Plans.

Introducing your Child’s Home Screen

Your Child’s Home Screen is the first thing they see when they login to myKIDZworld.  From here they can navigate to all areas in the App.   Logging in to myKIDZworld for your child using their password will open up their ‘Home Page’.  You should see their profile picture with six options for navigation, and a message box where your child can post messages to all of their friends.

A. Posting a Message

Your child can post messages to their ‘My News’.  Anything they post here will become visible to all of their friends they are connected with. It is posting to their entire network so you must explain the difference between ‘send to all’ versus a ‘direct message’ to a friend.  The message box also allows you to post images.  When you set up your child’s account, the default option is to have this switched on.  You can change your child’s settings and prevent them from posting images if you wish.

Select the photo icon to send a photo

Type your message to add to your photo and press send

or…. Just type a message with emojis and send

Your post will appear in my News for your friends to see

B. Changing their theme

Your child can change the colours of the myKIDZworld application to their own preferences.  Selecting the Pallet icon in the header allows them to select one of myKIDZworld pre-selected themes, or alternatively, they have the choice of selecting three colours to represent the header, buttons and background for the App.

Select the pallet icon to change the theme

Select the dice to build new random themes to select

Select the colour wheel to choose colours manually

Press the tick to set the new theme

My News

Your child’s ‘My News’ is their timeline of all posts from their friends, updates from groups they are members of and Badge posts when they receive them. In the header of ‘My News’ they will see a link of updates where they can review and quickly navigate to all activity on their account, such as new friends, new playdates and comments against their posts.

A. Your Child's View of 'my News'

‘My News’ contains posts from all friends, groups and badges that your child has received.  The most recent messages are displayed but can be refreshed to add more if necessary.

Your child can

  • Comment on any posts in their news feed
  • React to posts using smileys, thumbs-up or hearts
  • Post a message to all friends in their contacts

B. Adult View of your Child's 'My News'

Your view of ‘My  News’ contains an additional button to hide messages that you do not want your child to see as well as a delete button to remove them completely. Hidden messages will appear as ‘grayed out’ in your view and are not displayed in your child view. Sometimes you may prefer to grey the messages out so they do not see them but you have an opportunity to discuss them with your child or one of their friend’s parents.

You can

  • Hide or delete your child’s posts and comments
  • Hide your child’s friends posts if they are inappropriate
  • Unhide messages if needed

My Friends

‘My Friends’ contains all contacts you have introduced your child to.  This includes friends and linked adults.  Selecting a linked adult will allow them to message directly,  Selecting a friend will give them options to send message, send badge or request a playdate.

A. Your Child's View of 'My Friends'

‘My Friends’ is where your child can send direct messages to their friends via a chat screen.  They can also send their friends badges to send positive messages.  Finally, they can also request playdates, which send an email to you and their friend’s parents for you to set-up the playdate in myKIDZworld.

Your child can

  • Send private messages
  • Send badges with positive messages
  • Request a playdate via supporting adults

Sending a Private Message

When your child selects ‘My Friends’ they can send a private message directly to their friend. Unread messages will be highlighted with a counter of how many messages are new.

  • Select your friend from my Friends
  • Select the message icon
  • Read messages and reply

Sending a Badge

When your child selects ‘My Friends’ they can also send a badge.

  • Select your friend from my Friends
  • Select the badge icon
  • Choose the color of the badge
  • Choose the badge group
  • Select the badge picture
  • Type a message and then send

B. Adult View of your Child's 'My Friends'

When you select ‘My Friends’ from your view of the App, the first thing you will notice is a list of your child’s friends. This is where you manage their network of friends.  You have the option to add friends here by searching and sending invites to other parents. You will notice that if you swipe left for one of your child’s friend’s, you will see additional options to ‘Block’ or ‘Delete’ friends.

You can

  • Delete friends or a sent friend request
  • Block and un-block friends as a temporary measure
  • Send Friend requests
  • Accepting/Reject a received friend request

My Badges

Badges are designed as collectibles to create an element of fun within the App.  The idea is for your children and friends to send and receive positive messages.  There are a number of badge groups that will hopefully provide a good variety of choice for your children.

A. Your Child's View of 'My Badges'

‘My Badges’ contains a list of all badges your child has received organised by badge group. They can filter between all recent badges received, all recent badges sent to others, and also badges received for a given badge group.

Your child can

  • Review their badge collections
  • Delete sent badges

B. Adult View of your Child's 'My Badges'

In the ‘My Badges’ view you can see what your child has recently received, all their badges grouped by category, and also badges they have sent.  If you are unhappy with any of the texts they have sent with the badges you can hide and delete them here as well as in their view of ‘My News’.

You can

  • Hide badges sent to your child
  • Delete or hide badges your child has sent

COMING SOON! – My Groups

Groups are designed to bring children together with common interests.  This can be a close circle of friends that meet regularly, a class of children at school or more traditionally, clubs that your child attends.  Adults create groups and act as administrators inviting members, sending out invites for group events and mediating the messages on the group news feed.

A. Your Child's View of 'My Groups'

‘My Groups’ shows a list of all groups your child is a member of.  Selecting and entering the group allows your child to see the group news feed, review any up and coming events and complete group tasks that have been sent to them from group leaders.

Your child can

  • Review the group news feeds
  • See which events they are attending from the group
  • Review group tasks sent out from group leaders

B. Adult View of your Child's 'My Groups'

In the ‘My Groups’ view you can stay up-to-date with what is happening in the group by reviewing the group news feed.  You are also responsible for accepting or declining invites to group events.

You can

  • Review news and information that the group published
  • Accept and reject invites to group events
  • See what tasks your child needs to do for the group


‘My Plans’ is a simple calendar for your child to review and begin developing skills for organising their time.  You have complete control over what is entered in here.  You accept invites to group events and you send or accept playdate requests from other adults.

A. Your Child's View of 'My Plans'

‘My Plans’ is where your child can see what events and tasks have been approved for them.  This will be a list of group events and play dates you have organised with other parents. It will also include task that you have sent them or reminders they have set. This builds a diary of events to help them plan ahead and organise their time.

Your child can

  • See all playdates that have been set-up between friends
  • See all group events where you have accepted their attendance
  • See all tasks and reminders that have been created for them

B. Adult View of your Child's 'My Events'

In the ‘My Groups’ view you can review all group events sent to your child.  This is where you are able to review, accept or decline, and delete events to indicate your child’s attendance. Your view is different from your child’s because you see all events your child is invited to. Their view only contains events you have accepted.

You can

  • Accept and reject invites
  • Delete invites
  • Hide invites temporarily if necessary
  • Review their reminders they have created
  • Set them tasks

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