Building your child’s network

In this article, we introduce you to our ‘Closed Network’ and talk you through setting up your child’s network of friends.  Learn how to connect to ‘Real Friends’  by sending and receiving friend requests in your parental view of our App.

Introducing our ‘Closed Network’

The key point of myKIDZworld that differentiates it from other social networks is that it is a ‘Closed Network’.  This means that only you can invite and accept friends into your child’s network.    It is not possible to send you a friend request unless someone knows your email address.  This eliminates any requests from strangers.  If you do not recognise a friend request, you should always reject the request.

  • Your child does not own an account.
  • The account is in your name.
  • Your child cannot invite and accept friends.
  • You are responsible for sending friend invites.
  • Only you can accept friend requests.
  • There will be no online strangers.

So how do I manage my Child's Friends?

This is how it works! Matt’s son Josh wants to become friends with Jenny on myKIDZworld. Matt knows Jenny’s Mum so he would like to send a friend request to connect their children together as friends on myKIDZworld.

Step 1: Matt sends a friend request to Anna to connect Josh and Jenny

From his home page, Matt selects his son Josh and navigates to ‘My Friends’.  He uses the ‘+’ icon to add a friend which takes him to the search screen.  He enters Anna’s email address or telephone number and the search results show Jenny.  Matt clicks the icon to add Jenny and a friend request is sent to Anna.

Select your child’s ‘My Friends’
Select the ‘+’ icon to search
Enter parent’s email and select child
My Friends will have a ‘Request Sent’

Step 2: Anna accepts the friend request sent from Matt

Anna receives a notification from Matt requesting a friendship between Josh and Jenny.  Anna selects the notification and navigates to Jenny’s friends screen where she accepts the invite. Josh and Jenny are now connected friends on myKIDZworld!

A ‘Friend Request’ in notifications
Click to see invite
Slide to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’
Accept to connect your child

Step 3: Josh and Jenny are now friends on myKIDZworld

Josh and Jenny can are now connected and will be able to see each others posts on their ‘My News’.  They can also send each other direct messages and badges.  As parents you will be able to monitor all exchanges between them and guide them through early experiences of social media.

Blocking and Deleting Friends

If you become unhappy about communications between your child and a friend, you can temporarily block all communications or even delete the child friendship if the behavior continues and cannot be resolved between parents.

From your child’s Home Page
Select ‘My Friends’
Slide Left and ‘Block’ or ‘Delete’

Quick Tip!

Creating your child’s network is quick and easy but there are some useful ways you can speed this up. When you have joined a Group, you will be able to see ‘Group Members’. In your view of this, you will have the option to ‘Add Friend’.  This saves you time searching by parent’s email address and allows you to send more invites out quickly.

Help us build the myKIDZworld Network

If you have searched for a child using an email address of one of your friends, but you still cannot find them, it may be because they have not created an account and their child cannot be added. Send them a link to the website to create an account and set up their child.  Thank you for helping us spread the word!

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