Setting up your myKIDZworld Account

In the second article in our “Getting Started” guide, we discuss the simple steps of setting up your family on the App.  We explain how you can create your account, add you children and set-up other adults to help support and mediate your child’s social network.

Step 1: Creating your account

Your account can be created from our account management website or directly from the App after installation.  Install our App from the App store or Google Play.  When you create your account, you will be requested to upload a photo, enter your first and second name, and finally your contact details (email and phone number).  You can edit these details at any time once your account has been created.  You will be sent an email with your account password which allows you to logon.

Click here to begin creating your account. After you have created your account, you will receive an email with your account password. Continue through the other steps in the article to add your family.


Step 2: Adding your child

After you have logged on to your account successfully, you can add your children to your account. The basic information you need to add is their first and last name, date of birth and gender.

Note there are no contact details for your child such as email, phone and address as these are not needed.  Your information is used to identify your child and search for them in the App so connections between children can only be agreed by you and other parents.

Once you have created your child’s account, you will receive and email with their password.

Step 3: Choosing your child's Homepage

In your child’s account settings, you have the option to turn the Home Page on or off based on which version of the App you want them to use. From your home page, slide to the left on your child’s entry and there will be an option to edit your child’s profile.

  • ON: When the Home Page is ‘On’, the home page is enabled to navigate around the App
  • OFF: When the Home Page is ‘Off’, a footer menu bar is used to navigate around the App

Edit Child

Set Home Page

Home Page ‘ON’

Home Page ‘OFF’

Step 4: Change your child's settings to your preferences

A.  Controlling when and for how long your child can use the App

In your child’s account settings, you have the options of allowing your child unrestricted access to the App, or defining a specific period during the day with an allocated amount of time to use the App.

  • Set your child’s use to ‘Anytime’ or ‘Between certain hours’ to control the hours of use when the App will be available to logon.
  • Set the duration of use to ‘Unlimited’ or a specified amount of minutes for times of use specified above.

B.  Controlling App functionality available to your child

In your child’s account settings, you can set the availability of functionality your child can use. You may not be comfortable with all social media has to offer or would like to introduce certain features after some discussion or when they are older.

  • The default option when the account is set up is ‘ON’. You can prevent your child from posting images by setting the toggle option to ‘OFF’.
  • Reactions to posts are ‘ON’ by default but you can switch them ‘OFF’  here if your child is anxious about the number of likes they are getting.
  • Messages your child posts are automatically released.  To review messages before they are released, switch this to ‘OFF’ so they appear hidden until you unhide and release them.

Step 5: Linking other adults

Linking other adults allows you to add your partner and close family or friends that you want to review your child’s account with you. You can only add inked adults if they have created an account on myKIDZworld.

You can add other adults with two levels of access:

  • ‘Full Control’ provides the same access as you have for your account.
  • ‘Restricted Control’ is essentially a read only view and allows other adults to interact with your child through the social App.

To learn more about what linked adults can do, please refer to our FAQ ‘What is a Linked Adult’?

Select ‘LINK ADULTS’ in edit child to enter search screen

Search by email or phone number to add linked adult

Linked adults will receive an email when they are added

Swipe left and press CONTROL to change their level of access

Step 6: Activating your child’s account

To activate your child’s account, we charge a small amount to cover the costs of support and administration. We aim to keep this as low as possible in order to make the App accessible to everyone.  To activate your child’s account, logon to the web application and pay the small annual subscription payment. You will be sent an email confirming your subscription.

Once your child is activated, you will be able to logon to their device for them to start exploring the App with them. Download our App from the App Store or Google Play and logon to their device using your email and the password that was sent to you.  When you logon to your child’s account for the first time, you should see their home page.

Next Steps

Download the App from Google play or the App Store and start using myKIDZworld


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